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22 June 2024

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Sat 15 Jun 2024

About us

Food4families supports communities of all ages and abilities in coming together to grow fruit and vegetables across the 20+ neighbourhood growing spaces we have set up in Reading - including 8 larger community gardens. 
Our sessions are open to everyone of any age or background - you can be an expert grower, a beginner, or just enjoy getting outside! Our sessions are generally free and what's more, everything harvested is shared out amongst those who take part and the wider community of need.  

We also work in schools getting children outdoors and learning where their food comes from; run cookery courses to help people gain confidence in cooking healthy meals from scratch; provide advice to those aspiring to set up their own gardening clubs and help organise the annual Reading Town Meal. 

We need your help so we can keep our paid staff on hand to support those who need additional encouragement or advice so that everybody can take part without restrictions.

We believe our gardens are truly valuable and a precious resource for us all in Reading to enjoy. Help us keep them open and thriving!

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Thank you for your support and good luck!

Best wishes

Dave Richards

Food4families Project Coordinator

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